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Why DB Schenker

Our staff speak for us!

Who can describe life at DB Schenker better than our staff? Here you can read what DB Schenker staff have to say about life at DB Schenker.

Nyazi Payzin (Trainee  at Job Rotation, DB Schenker Logistics):
"What I like best about DB Schenker is the open company culture. The dialog amongst the staff is honest and direct and networking is given a high priority here."

Bard King (Production Controller DB Schenker Rail):
"What makes DB Schenker Rail so attractive, are the opportunities it provides.  The challenges and various projects which contribute towards creating a European-wide network offer several exciting opportunities and room for development.  The goal of sustaining and expanding their network shows me Schenker's ambition and the direction it wants to follow as well as granting me opportunity to actively live my international experience on a European scope."

Erik Lemcke (Central Cargo Control DB Schenker Rail):
"No door remains closed to you if you demonstrate hard-work and commitment at DB Schenker and this is why I know I can shape my own future here."

Last modified: 23.06.2014

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