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AVL Metal Powders sends air freight via DB Schenker in Waregem

Local approach to global services

(Antwerp, 23 June, 2011)
The road transport department of Schenker NV in Waregem has recently started offering local clients the full range of services: land transport, air freight and ocean freight consignments. Within the branch an Air Service Center has been set up which transports the consignments from and to Brucargo overnight and handles the corresponding documentation - a service with which AVL Metal Powders, in particular, is especially pleased.

The DB Schenker Logistics branch in Waregem has already specialised in land transport services for many years and serves postcodes 7 (Henegouwen), 8 (West Flanders) and 9 (East Flanders). Every day about 25 heavy goods vehicles are in operation. “In order to take full advantage of the combination of a local approach and global network, we decided to set up an air freight department here in Waregem that was operationally integrated into our existing land transport services. It was an immediate success”, says Lieven Vandoorne, branch manager of DB Schenker in Waregem.

Clients can register their air freight consignments electronically, the cargo is collected daily and at 6 p.m. a dedicated shuttle in Waregem departs for Brucargo, where the air freight department of DB Schenker takes over further physical handling. Meanwhile, the Air Service Center in Waregem takes care of document tracking (airway bills, pre-alerts etc.). The aforementioned shuttle also returns with the incoming air freight consignments and these are delivered throughout the region the following morning. The Air Service Center is staffed from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., providing clients with a fixed contact point.

“We have already been working with DB Schenker since time immemorial, but only with the land transport division," says Chantal De Snoeck, sales executive at AVL Metal Powders from Kortrijk. “Three years ago we also entrusted our air freight consignments to them. That was done via the branch in Zaventem. 70 to 80% of our goods are classified as hazardous, with the consequence that they can only be transported on ‘cargo only’ flights. The service in Zaventem was good, but we are particularly pleased that this service is now also available in Waregem. This means that the truck drivers who come to collect the road transport freight can take the air freight consignments with them at the same time and vice versa, making our operations somewhat easier. But the personal and local contact also has a positive effect on the administrative flow of offers, invoicing and tracking of the airway bills. You feel as if the people at the Air Service Center were only ten kilometres away.”

“We want to offer an increasingly integrated service based on our local presence and to take advantage of all the group’s strengths,” continues Lieven Vandoorne. “Waregem must no longer be identified as ‘land transport only’, but rather wants to present itself as a local branch which coordinates all the strengths of DB Schenker. Given that we can integrate this within our existing land transport network, we operate as one contact point.”

At AVL the logistics service provider seems to be a hit in any case: a few months ago the aluminium and bronze powder producer also decided to entrust overseas bulk consignments to DB Schenker. “Our raw materials which are imported via Antwerp are already delivered to our factory here in Kortrijk by DB Schenker. Recently we have also started sending our outgoing overseas bulk consignments with them. This is all done via one local contact. That and the service and quality are for us the most important reasons for working with DB Schenker”, concludes Chantal De Snoeck.

For more information:

Chantal De Snoeck – sales executive AVL Metal Powders
+32 (0)56 22 00 21

Charles Huysman – sales representative air/sea Schenker NV
+32 (0)56 62 15 06

AVL Metal Powders

This family business in Kortrijk was set up in 1937 and produces aluminium and bronze powders and pastes which are processed in paints and aerated concrete. The company has an annual production of 700 tons of bronze powder and 1500 to 2000 tons of aluminium powder, of which 95% is destined for the international market. 50% of production is destined for Europe; the rest goes to non-European destinations.

Schenker NV

Schenker NV is the Belgian branch of DB Schenker Logistics and employs 525 people at six sites: Antwerp (corporate office and ocean freight activities), Brucargo (air freight activities), Mechelen (land transport activities), Waregem (land transport, air freight and ocean freight activities), Willebroek (logistics and supply chain management) and Zeebrugge (ocean freight activities).

AVL Metal Powders sends air freight via DB Schenker in Waregem

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