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Schenker NV earns HACCP certification

Years of performance in Willebroek logistics site have now been certified externally

(Antwerp, 26 January, 2011)
Schenker NV has more than 35 years experience in bundling, storing and distribution Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). The service providerwhich has had a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) policy in place for years to ensure safety in the food chain, has recently seen its policy in this area recognised through official certification by an external auditor.

That means that we don’t have to demonstrate repeatedly that our clients' food products are in good and safe hands. The certificate is the proof,” says Mark Soetens, branch manager in Willebroek.

Having an effective HACCP policy in place means that a company has identified the potential risks and located the critical points with respect to food safety. A protocol has been developed for keeping those critical points under control and for any corrective measures that have to be implemented.

Everyone at Willebroek has received HACCP training,” says Joris Donies, Quality Manager at Schenker NV. “That training includes a lot of attention to what is expected of our personnel in terms of food safety. Guaranteeing the temperature is given even greater focus. Everyone is perfectly aware of what needs to be done in the event of damage and other potential risks to food safety,” Donies says.

DB Schenker location at Willebroek is the hub for the Benelux distribution of FMCG. Schenker NV offers customers flexible storage options in five different temperature zones – with ambient temperatures ranging from -22° C tot +18° C – in a state-of-the-art 85,000 square meter warehouse and storage capacity of more than 100,000 europallets. The building complies with the strictest environmental and quality requirements and was specifically designed to be able to provide services to multiple FMCG clients simultaneously.

Schenker NV earns HACCP certification

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