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Schenker NV awarded AEO certificate for all branches and services

Leading integrated AEO logistics service provider in Belgium

(Antwerp, 28 November, 2011)

Schenker NV was recently awarded full AEO certification (Authorized Economic Operator) for its branches in Antwerp, Brucargo, Mechelen, Willebroek, Waregem and Zeebrugge and for all integrated services (land transport, air and ocean freight, contract logistics and supply chain management).

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Awarded AEO certificate

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The company was awarded the 'full' AEO-F certificate, which means Schenker NV has been assessed and certified by customs for both customs simplification as well as security and safety. DB Schenker Logistics is currently the largest logistics service provider in Belgium 1 to be AEO-certified for all activities and branches.

"I am particularly proud that our staff have given their all to make this happen," said Ulrich Pütz, Managing Director of Schenker NV. "They all worked together and succeeded in having Schenker NV certified as a reliable business partner.”

Schenker NV is the Belgian branch of DB Schenker Logistics and employs 655 staff at seven sites: Antwerp (corporate office and ocean freight), Brucargo (air freight), Eupen (land transport and logistics, recently acquired and to be certified, soon), Mechelen (road transport), Waregem (land transport and air freight), Willebroek (contract logistics and supply chain management) and Zeebrugge (ocean freight).


Schenker nv have full AEO certification for all branches and services.

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Scheker NV awarded AEO certificate for all branches and services

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