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DB Schenker Logistics invests in capacity expansion at new site

5.000 square meters cross docking capacity with expansion options

(Antwerp, 12 July 2012)
In August, the land transport department of Schenker NV in Waregem will be starting construction works at a new site in Zwevegem. Intercommunal Leiedal is making CO2-neutral industrial properties available there, at the former production site of Bekaert. DB Schenker Logistics will be building a 5,000 square meter cross docking warehouse and 2,900 square meters of office space.

Enlarge image3D zicht Blokkenstraat, DB Schenker nv
Enlarge image3D zicht Blokkenstraat, DB Schenker nv

Enlarge imageInvestering Zwevegem, DB Schenker NV

Enlarge imageInvestering Zwevegem, DB Schenker NV

“This not only means an expansion of our warehouse capacity by 25 percent, it also offers us the possibility to bring our clerks together in one building. In Waregem we were forced to work at two locations,” explains Lieven Vandoorne, Branch Manager at Schenker NV in Waregem. The warehouse will have over 60 unloading and loading docks and of various types: for delivery vans, standard lorries and jumbos.

“For this branch, we had been looking for a new location for some time,” says Ulrich Pütz, Managing Director, Schenker NV. “This was necessary to continue our growth course. The new site had to be big enough and easily accessible for international and distribution transport. It was of prime importance for us to stay in the region, in order to offer our existing and future export customers best quality.”

The new site is only about ten kilometres away. The former Bekaert sheds are being demolished. In its place there will be built a state-of-the-art terminal with all environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient means, such as solar panels, light sensors, water recuperation, etc.

The new construction represents an investment of about 13 million euros and will become operational in 2013.

Schenker NV is the Belgian branch of DB Schenker Logistics and employs 655 staff at eight sites: Antwerp (corporate office and ocean freight activities), Brucargo (air freight), Brussels (rail logistics services), Eupen (land transport and logistics), Mechelen (land transport), Waregem (land transport and air freight), Willebroek (contract logistics and supply chain management) and Zeebrugge (ocean freight).

Investering Zwevegem

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