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Intermodal transport DB SCHENKERskybridge combines speed & efficiency

Schenker NV offers Belgian customers cost and time-saving intermodal transport concept • DB SCHENKERskybridge efficiently combines air and ocean freight

(Antwerp/Zaventem, September 25, 2012)
At the PROLOGISTICS 2012 trade show in Brussels, Schenker NV will be presenting its cost- and time-saving intermodal transport concept DB SCHENKERskybridge to the professional public. In keeping with the motto “First vessel, then plane”, the Brucargo-Zaventem branch of DB Schenker Logistics, located in the logistics center of Brussels airport, offers its customers an ideal combination of air and ocean freight which achieves optimized costs and shorter transit times simultaneously.

“Customers who want their freight to be transported in the shortest possible time will certainly choose air freight. And those who are primarily focused on costs will go for ocean freight. But the former has its price and the latter takes time,” explains Dr. Hansjörg Rodi, Chairman of the Board of Schenker Deutschland AG and responsible for DB Schenker Logistics’ Region Europe Central. “Our product DB SCHENKERskybridge allows us to take the route which best serves the needs of our customers – and ideally combines both speed and efficiency.”

DB SCHENKERskybridge is available on all the main routes from Asia via Dubai or Vancouver to Europe with regular cargo aircraft departures into Brussels airport. At first, the shipment is transported via container vessel (LCL or FCL) from Asia directly to Dubai, UAE. After reaching the port of Dubai, the goods are transshipped, transported to the airport, and loaded onto a connecting flight to Brussels. On arrival in Brussels, usually on the same day, DB Schenker takes care of all customs formalities and delivers the freight to the consignees as nquickly as possible.

Ulrich Pütz, Managing Director of Schenker NV, summarizes the advantages: “Some of our customers are already making use of DB SCHENKERskybridge. Their transports from China are now twice as fast as ocean freight, while the service also saves cost 30 to 50 percent compared to air freight. Moreover, our multimodal solution is also environmentally friendly – with 41 per cent fewer CO2 emissions compared to air freight. Last but not least, we can offer our Belgian customers a single-source solution thanks to our dense network of DB Schenker Logistics subsidiaries in Asia and Europe.”

Schenker NV is the Belgian branch of DB Schenker Logistics and employs 655 staff at eight sites: Antwerp (corporate office and ocean freight activities), Brucargo-Zaventem (air freight), Brussels (rail logistics services), Eupen (land transport and logistics), Mechelen (land transport), Waregem (land transport and air freight), Willebroek (contract logistics and supply chain management) and Zeebrugge (ocean freight).

DB SCHENKERskybridge combines speed and efficiency

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