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DB Schenker customers well-prepared for new air freight security standards

Around 100 customers participated in training sessions providing information about the new EU Regulation and the requirements for becoming a “Known Consignor” (KC)

(Antwerp, 23 April 2013)
DB Schenker Logistics customers in Belgium will be wellprepared when the transitional period deadline of EU Air Security Regulation 300/210 finally ends on April 29 the leading logistics providers in Belgium, held several customer events to ninform shippers about the details of the new regulation 185/2010. The initial deadline of March 25 freight industry expects impact especially out of Belgium.

As of April 29 Consignors” (KC) can be considered “secured” for all type of aircrafts (passenger and freight) and brought into the air freight supply chain without physical security checks.

“Depending on the quantity of export air freight subject to security checks prior to loading, the whole air freight supply chain could be affected, especially in terms of transit times and additional charges,” explains Eddy Raes, Business Unit Director Air Freight, at Schenker nv in Zaventem. “The training sessions we offered our customers were particularly useful for helping them understand what kind of training requirements they would have and what kind of physical changes to their facilities would be needed. Customers who decided not to apply for KC status were given factual information about screening processes and alternatives for securing their shipments at the airport.”

Based in Antwerp, Schenker nv is one of the Belgian market’s leading logistics service providers and employs 655 staff at eight branches: Antwerp, Brussels, Eupen, Mechelen, Waregem, Willebroek, Zaventem and Zeebrugge. DB Schenker Logistics supports industry and trade in the global exchange of goods combining land transport, air and ocean freight, contract logistics and Supply Chain Management.

DB Schenker customers well-prepared for new air freight security standards

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