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New intelligent logistics solutions

New intelligent logistics solutions offer DB Schenker’s FMCG customers added value.

(Antwerp/Willebroek, February 12, 2014)
A new wave of demand for outsourcing opportunities within the FMCG business supply chain has prompted Schenker nv, DB Schenker’s logistics branch in Belgium, to expand the value added services available at its state-of-the-art FMCG warehouse in Willebroek, near Antwerp. “We are constantly striving to develop new intelligent, efficient solutions in order to fulfill our FMCG customers’ expectations,” states Ulrich Pütz, Managing Director of Schenker nv, Belgium. “The latest example is our investment in a 2,500 square meter mezzanine that is exclusively dedicated to

The new intermediate floor in the FMCG warehouse in Willebroek consists of three levels, including an area with machinery, e.g. for shrink-wrapping, as well as an area dedicated to manual work, display construction and repacking and another with amenities for up to 100 co-packing workers. This sophisticated facility allows Schenker nv’s FMCG customers to perform their co-packing activities with one single contact while cutting CO2 emissions and administration and transport costs. Most importantly, it makes the logistics processes much more flexible. The FMCG logistics experts can now respond to their customers' needs in terms of promotional activities much faster than before. ”Our copacking services are best-in-class and constitute an excellent example of the key role that our value-added services play, which is to attract and retain customers,” states Monique Van Hoof, Business Unit Director Logistics at Schenker nv in Willebroek. Long-term customer Nestlé has a large part of its products co-packed here.

Sofie Hofman, Head of Supply Chain Operations Belgilux at Nestlé: “With the construction of the mezzanine, DB Schenker demonstrates its willingness to invest in long-term partnerships with its customers. Besides significantly reduction its carbon footprint, in-house co-packing also enables Nestlé to even better anticipate on the growing demand for flexibility and availability.” DB Schenker’s state-of-the-art FMCG warehouse is located in Willebroek along the Brussels-Antwerp corridor. Covering a surface area of 93,000 square meters, the multi-temperature facility, with a capacity of 93,000 pallets, has five different temperature zones (ambient and refrigerated, from -22°C to 18°C).

Based in Antwerp, Schenker nv is one of the Belgian market’s leading integrated logistics service providers and employs a workforce of 680 employees on eight branches: Antwerp, Brussels, Eupen, Mechelen, Zwevegem, Willebroek, Zaventem and Zeebrugge. DB Schenker Logistics supports industry and trade in the global exchange of goods combining Land Transport, Air and Ocean Freight, Contract Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

New intelligent logistics solutions

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