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Chinese aerial platforms transported by DB Schenker

(Antwerp, 17 June 2015) Recently, Sunward Machinery, a Chinese manufacturer, was able to present five new models of aerial work platforms to its customers at the official opening of its new European distribution centre. Sunward recently opened a new European distribution centre in Beringen. The many visitors to the showroom were thus able to discover what this company had to offer to the European market, including a series of brand-new aerial work platforms. These were transported by rail from China to Germany by DB Schenker in a very short timeframe.

Enlarge imageChinese aerial platforms transported by DB Schenker, DB Schenker

The manufacturer of excavators, cranes and other building equipment was established in 1999 and has a workforce of 4,000 employees all over the world. While Sunward has subsidiaries in Italy, Sweden and Germany it wishes to organise its European activities out of its new EDC in Beringen. Initially it will supply parts to the European market and all repairs will be sent here. In the long term, Sunward also wishes to assemble parts here.

The EDC has a capacity of 7,500 square meters, including a 3,500 square meters showroom, where guests were shown a selection of Sunward Machinery’s product range. The showpieces, however, were the five aerial work platforms, which were still in production in China four weeks before the official opening. Too late, in other words, to get them to Beringen by sea.

„At first glance, we thought the only valid alternative was the air freight option, which is more expensive, except that we have been offering our customers a very interesting railway product from China to Europe for several years now“, said Ulrich Pütz, Managing Director of Schenker nv.

And that is how five 45‘ containers left the Sunward plant. A few days later they were loaded onto a train in Chongqing, completing the journey by rail to Duisburg in just fifteen days. From here, they were transported to Eupen by road for customs clearance, after which they continued their journey to Beringen. The aerial work platforms made it to the showroom in good time.

A few years ago, DB Schenker conducted its first test journey on the Chongqing (China)-Duisburg (Germany) railway route, demonstrating that it can provide a valid alternative for maritime time transport between China and Europe. The route is 10,300 km long and runs through Kazakhstan, Belarus and Poland to Germany.

Based in Antwerp, Schenker nv is one of the Belgian market’s leading integrated logistics service providers and employs 680 staff at eight branches: Antwerp, Brussels, Eupen, Mechelen, Zwevegem, Willebroek, Zaventem and Zeebrugge. DB Schenker Logistics supports industry and trade in the global exchange of goods combining Land Transport, Air and Ocean Freight, Contract Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

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