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DB Schenker Advantage

Delivering Solutions - The DB Schenker Advantage

DB Schenker is your international partner for complex logistics solutions along your entire supply chain and for defined areas of your logistics - from the supplier to delivery to the customer, from reverse logistics to aftermarket support.

Contract logistics means more than just storage. Contract logistics means understanding and designing processes. Our service is not optimal until we find a solution that contributes to added value and gives our customer a competitive edge.

DB Schenker is a long-term reliable partner for its clients. We offer integrated and complete logistics solutions. That means: a central contact partner, flexibility in the supply chain and consistent standards.

We deliver Customer Value by:

  • Regularly exceeding customer expectations
  • Fulfilling customer promises constantly
  • Complying with government regulations

We provide Flawless Solutions by having:

  • Clear, consistent measurements
  • Effective execution of operations
  • Continuous improvement

We employ Passionate Experts who:

  • Care for our customers' business
  • Embrace and live our customers' business philosophy, culture and motivation
  • Advance their training regularly

DB Schenker Contract Logistics Supply Chain Management , DB AG

Our services are customized to individual needs and pooled into various DB Schenker products.

Core products
Procurement & Manufacturing: Global solutions for your procurement and manufacturing logistics – from the supplier to the manufacturer's production
Fulfillment Logistics: Comprehensive fulfillment logistics solutions tailored to your requirements
Service & Aftermarket: Global spare part and reverse logistics solutions
Supply Chain Solutions: Professional design, integration and support of your entire global value creation chain

Industry solutions
Automotive: Customized logistics solutions for the automotive and supplier industry
Consumer: Integrated logistics services for the consumer goods industry and retail
Healthcare: Customized logistics solutions for the pharma and medical devices industry
Electronics: Proven solutions for the electronics and high-tech industry
Industrial: Flexible solutions for industrial product manufacturers and the aerospace industry

Last modified: 23.06.2014

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