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Submitting a claim

How does it work when you have a claim?

When transporting your goods via DB Schenker, you can be assured we do it quickly, safely and accurately for you. However it is possible that, due to unforeseen circumstances, your shipment does not arrive at the destination properly.

DB Schenker Claim Desk
Damage is annoying and always inconvenient. To be able to assist you as much as possible in case of damage, we have made the application process as simple as possible. You can digitally submit your claim to us via be.sm.anr.claims@dbschenker.com. The speed of handling the claim is related to its complexity. 

What should you mention in your e-mail
The following information must be specified:

  • Shipment number
  • Photos (if possible)
  • CMR / AWB / B/L
  • Commercial invoice
  • Delivery receipt
  • Place and date of the incident
  • What is involved; damage, loss or theft
  • Additional information about the events

Handling the claim
The speed of handling the claim is related to its complexity. We strive to settle claims as quickly as possible. Most claims are processed within 15 working days after notification.
DB Schenker has access to all relevant information and communicates directly with the insurer. Claims can therefore be handled quickly and effectively.

Last modified: 20.06.2016

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