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Schenker Expedition Insurance (SEV)

Your shipment properly insured with the SEV.

When transporting your goods via DB Schenker, you can be assured we perform fast, safe and accurate. However it is possible that, due to unforeseen circumstances, your shipment does not arrive at the destination properly. With SEV you are guaranteed well insured and you can count on extensive coverage at a competitive contribution.

SEV coverage now available for all Road Transports within the European market and Western Turkey. 

The benefits of SEV:

  • Extensive coverage
  • Maximum insurance coverage for a very reasonable price
  • Very quick and uncomplicated claims and idemnification handling

Why is it a good idea to insure your shipment?

In Belgium the liability of road transportation service providers is always limited by CMR regulations (Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road). However, in the event of a loss or damage these limitations are often not representative of the actual value of the goods. Complementing its road transportation services, DB Schenker’s Expedition Insurance (SEV) covers the full value of your goods against all risks. Customers who utilize SEV can significantly reduce the financial impact associated with these unfortunate events.

How to subscribe or unsubscribe SEV: 

If you would like to subscribe/unsubscribe for the Schenker Expedition Insurance, it is sufficient to send an email to be.sm.anr.masterdata@dbschenker.com

Avoid underinsurance 

Damage to your shipment is never pleasant. But when you are underinsured, you may be faced with unpleasant, unanticipated costs. To ensure that you are entitled to the maximum coverage for damage, we advise you to fill in the correct value of your goods. This can be done very easily online when registering your shipment via the eBooking tool. Don’t hesitate because of the costs, we offer very competitive rates. For more information, feel free to contact your responsible sales contact or the local customer service.

DB Schenker Expedition Insurance? The best choice!

RiskNational Liability Belgium (=CMR)Regular Cargo insuranceSchenker SEV according to the SEV terms and conditions
Loss/Damage of goodsAs per carriers liability (trucking 8,33 SOR / kg (around € 9,40))Covers declared valueCovers declared value
Losses out of DelayLimited indemnification (our freight charges)No coverageAutomatically insured up to € 1Mio., max. twice the insured value
Cargo Consequential
No liability - no indemnificationNot insured, insurance cover possible upon request and extra chargeAutomatically insured up to € 1Mio., max. twice the insured value
Financial loss
due to delay

No liability - no indemnification

Not insured, insurance cover possible upon request and extra chargeAutomatically insured up to € 1Mio., max. twice the insured value

In practice - Loss of goods:  Truck Transport Belgium-Hungary with a weight of 500 kg and a value of 100.000 euro 

Without insurance coverage:With SEV coverage:

Idemnification 8,33 SDR/kg 

around 4.700,000 euro

Idemnification 100.000,00 euro + indemnification for financial and consequential damages

Premium including tax for SEV insurance coverage: 96,33 euro!

Last modified: 20.06.2016

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