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Land Transport

Maut – Belgian Road Tax

On the 1st of April 2016, DB Schenker in Belgium will implement the Belgian Road Tax surcharge for the current price agreements

There are certain external cost drivers which increase our operating costs such as a shortage of experienced drivers, an increase in minimum wages; and there are also our continued investments in modern and eco-friendly equipment as well a constant upgrading of our IT infrastructure.

On top of that we notice a further reduction of average shipments sizes, and increase in delivery frequencies and more slot times to be respected; all of which add more pressure on the loading factor within our network. But on the other hand there are public reports which indicate signs of recovery of our economy, and there is the fact of the implementation of the Belgian Road Tax which anyhow will add pressure on your competitiveness.

DB Schenker in Belgium, division Land Transport, has carefully considered all these aspects and has decided NOT TO implement a linear increase of our LAND transportation rates. However we have to make an exception for the Belgian Road Tax which will be implemented April 1st 2016. In exceptional cases this might lead to surcharges of upto 12.40% (based on official ITLB/FEBETRA calculations: national/international by region).

In order to allow us to come to a fair new rate proposal we have done multiple and thorough analysis of all goods flows: by branch, by origin/destination, by type of vehicle.

For additional information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your responsible Sales Contact or the local Customer Service desks:

DB Schenker Mechelenservicecenter.mec-be@dbschenker.com+32 15 297 327
DB Schenker Eupen insidesales.eup-be@dbschenker.com+32 87 899 861
DB Schenker Zwevegemservicecenter.war-be@dbschenker.com+32 56 621 569

Last modified: 20.06.2016

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