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Land Transport

Maut – German Road tax

Since 1st of October 2015, DB Schenker in Belgium has implemented the increase of the MAUT - German road tax as legally established by the German Bundestag and the German Bundesrat.

The increase has been put into practice in two steps:

  1. As of 01.07.2015 the toll requirement is being extended to an additional 1,100 kilometres of motorway like federal trunk roads. This includes sections which are not connected to the already existing network of toll roads.
  2. As of 01.10.2015 the weight limit above which trucks are subject to toll is being reduced from 12 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight. At the same time, the toll rates are changing again as a result of the introduction of two additional axle classes.

Tariffs applicable as of 01.10.2015
The charges are applicable on export, as well as on import shipments and will be calculated on the chargeable weight of your shipments (1CBM = 333kgs / 1 LDM = 1850kgs).
The maut is charged additional to your current price agreements and is mentioned separately on your invoice.
Road transportation to Germany

Maut DE

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Road transportation where Germany is used as transit country

Maut transit DE

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For additional information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your responsible Sales Contact or the local Customer Service desks:

DB Schenker Mechelenservicecenter.mec-be@dbschenker.com+32 15 297 327
DB Schenker Eupen insidesales.eup-be@dbschenker.com+32 87 899 861
DB Schenker Zwevegemservicecenter.war-be@dbschenker.com+32 56 621 569

Last modified: 20.06.2016

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