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Land Transport

Safety instructions

We are convinced that social responsibility is a key factor for the long-term success of our company and consequently an indispensable element of our value-driven corporate management.

We therefore expect our business partners to align their conduct with our safety principle: putting the safety of people first is at the core of our business partners' values.

Together with their employees our business partners provide both for a safe working environment and safety related qualifications as well as for the safety of their products and services.

We expect from all our drivers to follow the safety instructions applicable at all our Belgian sites:

  • The legislation concerning safety and environment (ARAB, Codex, Vlarem, Vlarea…) must be respected.
  • The driver who enters our premises MUST follow the safety rules. Schenker NV in Belgium expects that the subcontractor/driver does not perform any action which might cause unsafe situations or environmental damage. If the driver does not stick to these rules he can be removed from our premises. Any additional costs will be charged.
  • If the transport is subcontracted we hold you responsible for the communication towards the driver.
  • All safety rules applicable at our premises are described in the safety flyer.
  • In case of an accident or a near accident the driver must report this immediately to the local management. If an accidents occurs at a loading or unloading address, Schenker must be informed so that we can contact the other parties involved and make arrangements for the serious accident report.
  • In case of a serious accident at our premises the research/analysis will be performed by the safety manager of Schenker NV in Belgium. Additional measures to prevent similar incidents will be communicated to all relevant parties involved.


Safety regulations in Mechelen

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Safety regulations in Willebroek

(PDF | 1.47 MB)
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Safety regulations in Willebroek (Polish)

(PDF | 1.53 MB)
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Safety regulations in Willebroek (Russian)

(PDF | 1,55 MB)
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Safety regulations in Zaventem

(PDF | 1.07 MB)
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Safety regulations in Zwevegem

(PDF | 1.75 MB)
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Last modified: 18.01.2016

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