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Local contacts – global profits


Transport companies who want to act as a haulier for Schenker nv, need to follow certain requirements:

A. Registration in Schenker Carrier Application (SCA)

B. Tracking instructions

C. Invoicing instructions

D. Safety requirements

E. Security requirements

A. Registration in DB Schenker Carrier Application (SCA)

The DB Schenker Carrier Application is a web tool which offers you access to our available load offers in Europe. This means shipments from more than 400 branches in 35 countries.
Immediately after registration you are able to profit from the DB Schenker Carrier Application’s advantages free of charge. The more information you provide – the more you benefit.
All dispatchers from our European branches have access to the DB Schenker Carrier Application. They can contact you based on the uploaded information and deploy you for available shipments – a two-way profit. This way you can optimize your operations and minimize empty mileage.

B. Tracking Instructions

We offer transparency to our clients about your shipment’s status from door to door.  To offer this, we need real-time correct information from our partners. To receive this feedback, we offer these options:

SMS tracking Deutch (PDF | 0.08 MB)SMS tracking English (PDF | 0.08 MB)SMS tracking Français (PDF | 0.08 MB)


iTMS App (PDF | 0.48 MB)


Event Capture Deutch (PDF | 0.16 MB)Event Capture English (PDF | 0.11 MB)Event Capture Français (PDF | 0.16 MB)

C. Invoicing instructions

As a general rule, Schenker nv will issue a credit note for the agreed freight rate. In case you cannot accept a credit note (and you will send us an invoice), Schenker nv has to be informed in written to Belgium.invoices@dbschenker.com within 24 hours.

D. Safety requirements

We expect our business partners to align their conduct with our safety principle: putting the safety of people first is at the core of our business partners' values.

Link: http://www.logistics.dbschenker.be/log-be-en/products_services/land_transport/additional_services/safety_instruction.html

E. Security requirements

All transports have to be carried out strictly neutral. That is, maintain confidentiality of all related information on the cargo. Certainly in case of high value goods (HVTT cargo),  the security requirements from Schenker NV have to be respected.

The carrier must contact Schenker immediately in case of security incidents, driver illness, vehicle breakdown, strikes, detours, accidents, bad weather OR refusal to accept delivery. Only when such incidents are communicated smoothly, Schenker will be able to take appropriate measures for protecting high value cargo at all times during transit. 

Use prearranged secure parking places which you receive at loading.

Driver must follow the route in such way he is always capable to reach next approved parking without breaking legislation.

Please see enclosed our overview of approved Public parking places.

Besides these locations it is also possible to park trailers on our Schenker Land transport terminals in our European network. Further info will be shared with you upon the booking.

Approved parking overview 2017 (PDF | 0.03 MB)Driver Security Guidelines (PDF | 0.16 MB)Vehicle Security Checklist (PDF | 0.12 MB)

Security Alert 04-2017 - Romanian roll

During the first quarter of 2017 several alarm messages reached us again about criminal gangs successfully targeting moving transport vehicles which were carrying high value products, the so-called Romanian roll-over: Gangsters break into the back of a moving truck as they hurtle along European motorways at night. A passenger vehicle drives suspiciously in front of the lorry which is making the truck slowing down. Another car goes driving behind the truck so close that the lorry driver is unable to see it in his mirrors. As the truck is slowing down this enables the thieves to get on to the moving truck. The offenders jump from the bonnet of the car onto the rear of the truck, gaining entry to the trailer by using some hand tools. Once these criminals have thrown out the loot to their accomplices, they jump back out onto the following car before they make their escape. All reported cases in Q1 were from incidents that happened on motorways in the Netherlands and UK. Stay alert!

The last report we received was on 17 Marc and was reported by NAVCIS (UK): 

At around 23.45hrs on Thursday 16th March 2017 an organized gang of criminals, possibly eastern european, targeted a moving Articulated HGV travelling between Magna Park and Atherstone on the A5 trunk road. Using up to 5 vehicles, offenders tailgated the rigid semi-trailer while moving and climbed on to rear doors, cut locks/seals and stole high value products by throwing them to other vehicles. Follow vehicle was a silver SUV, plus a BMW 3 series was also identified. Please be aware of this MO and alert drivers to call POLICE on 999 if suspicious and DO NOT STOP  -  Any Information? Contact Warwickshire Police on 101.

Roemeense methode (PPT | 0.29 MB)Avoid Romanian roll (PPT | 2.06 MB)Suspicious situations / verdachte situaties (PPT | 0.99 MB)

Security Alert 04-2017: Trends in transport criminality

2016 was a new record year of reported cargo losses from supply chains. The most recent annual report of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) reveals a clear indication that the risk of cargo crime is growing and spreading across Europe. In 2016, a total of 2,611 new freight theft incidents were reported to TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS), a 72% increase over the 1,515 crimes recorded in 2015. More than 1000 of these freight theft incidents took place at unsecured parking locations.

43.5% of the incidents recorded covered a total loss figure of slightly above 77 million € producing an average loss for the year (based on thefts with a value) of 68.359 € per incident.

The published data by TAPA shows for 2016 also a 90% year-on-year increase in cargo crimes with values exceeding 100.000 €. There were 133 such incidents over the course of the year which accounted for over 46 million € of the annual loss total.

If you want to receive more information regarding transport criminality or in case you want to have a copy of the TAPA IIS Annual Report 2016 please contact your local security responsible.

Security Alert Q1-2016 - Highest risk period for cargo theft

You may be aware that Q1 (Jan-Mar) and Q4 (Oct-Dec) are the highest risk periods for cargo theft.

We faced few major theft incidents the last months so it’s likely that the criminal supply chain is in need of black market inventory. It’s reasonable therefore to assume an increase in theft attempts to feed the Christmas black-market.

It is vital that drivers are reliable and trained, truck security measures are tested and functioning and alarms are monitored. Some examples of effective measures on trucks:

  •             Tractor & trailer GPS tracking
  •             Door alarms linked to GPS
  •             Driver vigilance
  •             Fast escalation protocol        

We have received also info about the recent geography of note :


General reports of Romanian Rolls occurring appear to have happened during October and November!

East NL (Hengelo-Venlo) and West DE (Bad Bentheim-Monchengladbach) were highest risk areas (effective security measures remain highly recommendable). A number of vigilant drivers have been able to spot suspicious activities to the rear of their trucks, raised the alarm and averted loss.


With product transiting through cargo theft hotspots in the UK (Westland Midlands, Milton Keynes, Northampton area) all transportation must be on highest alert or thieves will identify and exploit a gap.


There are 3 areas in France that require extra  focus:

1) Paris                    2) Cannes - Perpignan                   3) Lyons-Nimes              


The general Milan area is always a concern.

Your Security measures require detailed review and staff also needs to be extra vigilant.

Security Alerts - Archive

Security Alert 12.2015 - Ferry Travemunde - Lübeck

(PDF | 0.07 MB)
PDF Download

Security Alert 01.2016 - Aral Autohof in Uhrsleben

(PDF | 0.12 MB)
PDF Download

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