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Ocean freight

DB SCHENKERbeverages

Logistics from cellar to customer.

Wine is a valuable product, not just in terms of price. Valuable products deserve a good logistics service provider. This is why DB Schenker has developed the product DB SCHENKERbeverages. This comprises not just the transport of wine (in bulk, boxes or bottles), but also the various storage and value added services (labels, repackaging, management of web shops, distribution) in the countries of origin and destination.

In addition to European wines, wines from the 'New World' have also gained a strong foothold in the European market: wines from Chilli, Argentina, California, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand are becoming ever more popular.

Our services:

  • groupage and full loads
  • shipping in flexibags
  • liner bags
  • airbags in container

Last modified: 06.02.2017

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