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Global Projects

Worldwide logistical services for goods with unusually large dimensions. Whether you need just-in-time delivery, projects with complex planning requirements or the temporary storage of goods. A specialised team will help you during every phase of the transport

DB Schenker Global Projects transports goods from every country of the world to every specific customer destination. Experienced specialists in our international project teams plan and coordinate the entire logistical flow: all transport operations and transhipments to whatever final destination, be it a refinery in Saudi Arabia, an electricity generating station in India, a dam in China or supplies to a drilling platform in Mauritania or Indonesia.

DB Schenker Global Projects offers professional logistical solutions tailored to the customer's requirements for large consignments. We attach great importance to:

  • optimised cost planning
  • careful selection of the correct carriers
  • coordination of all consignments.

The team in Belgium has been involved in the Australian Gorgon project which relates to the construction of an enormous gas factory in western Australia. Kellogg Joint Venture, a consortium of Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell, has contracted out the project logistics to DB Schenker.

Last modified: 23.06.2014

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