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Young professionals

Young DB Schenker (YDBS) is a network of young, educated employees at Schenker Logistics Nederland B.V..

Together with like-minded colleagues, they are building networks, getting to grips with the many sides of our company and meeting other young potentials at other locations and in other disciplines. Master classes, site visits and shared projects provide opportunities to develop practical skills. Members can also enhance their organizational skills by holding management positions in YDBS.

A broad outlook
YDBS is concerned with more than just logistics. You can deepen your knowledge of sales, marketing, communication and customs and build an international network through contacts and activities with YDBS in Germany.

Elwin Sterrenburg, marketing analyst
"Being part of YDBS – like my work at Schenker Logistics Nederland B.V. – feels like a logical progression in the learning curve. High priority is given to personal development and gaining skills I can put to good use during my future career. It's also nice to mean something for the organization at a different level. As a member of YDBS you can work in a project group every year to solve a problem or challenge within the organization. The project group is made up of Young DB Schenker members from all layers of the organization, from land transport planning to ocean freight customer service. Together we analyze the problem from a variety of angles and try to find the best solution. The results of the project are presented to management and other interested parties during the annual meeting at the end of the year.

"YDBS gives me the chance to grow further and helps me gain in-depth knowledge in different areas. The skills I gain from the various workshops, such as presentation techniques, will be very useful in my later career. I also enjoy sharing best practices with kindred spirits."

Last modified: 31.12.2015

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