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About DB Schenker

Continuous improvement

For Schenker Logistics Netherlands, delivering quality is a matter of course. We continuously evaluate our performance and improve it wherever possible so that we continuously add value for our customers.

The continuous improvement culture offers us a wide spectrum of fundamental quality criteria.

Operational excellence is a key aspect of that culture. We put it into practice by challenging our staff, at all levels in the organization, to actively seek new opportunities and solutions. In accordance with the Japanese Kaizen method, for example, teams are challenged to devise solutions for day-to-day problems. We apply the Japanese 5S system to organize the workplace and eliminate waste. Large projects are carried out in accordance with Six Sigma: a method to reduce process variation based on statistical principles. All the projects are led by staff trained in-house (green belts, black belts and master black belts).

Operational excellence creates a culture of continuous improvement. All improvements, no matter how small, are important. Together we continuously seek solutions that enhance quality or reduce costs. As a customer, you profit from our excellence.

Last modified: 30.11.2016

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