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Industry expertise

Chemical industry

The chemical industry works under very special conditions and is subject to rigorous stipulations. Few industries are governed quite so strictly by laws and regulations when it comes to safety and consideration for the environment.

The requirements cover the whole scale, from bulk transport through to consumer products ready to be put onto the store shelves, and this has a considerable impact on your logistics needs. That is why you need a partner that understands the industry and has documented expertise and experience in chemical logistics

That is what makes DB Schenker a good choice.

DB Schenker operates worldwide. We have some 2,000 offices close to your customers, regardless of where they are. Our owner is Deutsche Bahn and we are the largest rail transport operator in Europe. We work with all modes of transport, which is why we can always offer a solution that is best suited to your needs and specific load requirements.

We have the specialist equipment that your operations require and we are constantly developing to help you live up to your environmental stipulations and those of your customers.

We can also help you with logistics requirements that are slightly more modest. Our major customers create the structures but with us every customer is the focal point. And everyone has something to gain from working with us.

Last modified: 12.10.2015

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