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Industry Expertise

Electronics Logistics

The electronics market is a dynamic environment.

Our customers must satisfy their customers' high demands and extremely short delivery terms every day. The short product life cycle makes the electronics market a very fast one, with consumers not being satisfied with standard products. They expect a bespoke service, one that includes, for example, their own logos, a wide choice of colors and engraved texts.

With its many years' experience, DB Schenker has built up a product portfolio that perfectly matches the demands of this dynamic industry. We offer an extensive set of value added and technical services for electronic products. You can also entrust your complete return logistics to us. Our production vendor managed inventory solution enables you to have your suppliers own your inventories. Our wide ranging IT solutions provide real time insight into your inventory levels so hat you can call up products the instant they are actually needed.

Hightech Logistics / Technical Services

Last modified: 12.07.2016

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