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Industry Expertise

Perishable goods

Transporting perishable goods and beverages requires expert knowledge, reliability and quality.

It cannot be fresh enough - DB SCHENKERfresh 

Tailored logistics solutions that meet the strict demands of the fresh food chain. We can arrange temperature and humidity controlled transport for your goods. Including GPS tracking and vibration measurement (Smartbox). And we offer storage solutions and value added logistics services in the country of origin and destination.

Your beverages are valuableDB SCHENKERbeverages

For alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Thanks to our competence centers in all major regions, your beverages are in safe hands. We also provide complementary services worldwide such as warehousing, labeling, packing, webshop management and distribution. Your beverages are valuable to you and to us, and not only because of the price.

Last modified: 21.07.2016

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