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“Tomorrow’s Boss” at Schenker Logistics Schiphol

Hundreds of children at the head of Dutch multinationals

(Amsterdam – 28 January 2016) Thursday 28 January 2016 one hundred children will take over the position of various CEOs, directors, mayors and chief editors of successful organizations in the Netherlands for one day. “Tomorrow’s Boss” is an initiative of JINC. This non-commercial organization is dedicated to children growing up in an environment with socio-economic deprivation. The children have dreams and talents, but often they lack a valuable network, the right skills and knowledge about professions.

During 'Tomorrow’s Boss' children experience what it is like to be in charge and they make a valuable contact for life. With this initiative JINC and all participating companies, show a good start on the labor market cannot be taken for granted for all of tomorrow's talent. A network and a role model can help. Joep Bruijs, Senior Vice President, BU Air Freight at Schenker Logistics Nederland is one of the hundred 'bosses' from across the country participating in this annual day organized by JINC. Other 'bosses' who give up their seats for one day are among others: Gerrit Zalm (ABN AMRO and former Minister of Finance), Daniel Ropers (BOL.com), Jeannine Peek (Dell), Eberhard van der Laan (Mayor City of Amsterdam) and Taco Rijssemus (KRO NCRV, Dutch broadcaster). 

Students from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Almere, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, The Hague and Kennemerland get the chance to experience what it is like to stand at the helm of a successful business. They can also show what they have to offer and especially how they would operate a business. As “Tomorrow’s Boss” they attend meetings, talk to the staff, brainstorm and share their views on certain issues. At Schenker Logistics Nederland, Joep Bruijs, Senior Vice President BU Air Freight gives his seat temporarily to Danil Guerrero, a third year student at Continued Secondary Vocational Education. 

In the Netherlands, more than 600,000 children grow up in an environment with socio-economic deprivation. Every child has dreams and talents, but when you grow up in an environment with few role models and high unemployment, you hardly get a chance to make it true and you are often on your own. JINC is dedicated to children between eight and sixteen years growing up in socially and economically deprived environments. In cooperation with companies and education institutes JINC gives these children the chance of a better future. They learn how to apply, get acquainted with different professions and investigate with a coach which job suits their abilities and talent. JINC annually reaches more than 37,000 elementary school students and Continued Secondary Vocational Education students. JINC is a non-commercial organization that is financed by the private sector for the greater part and has offices in the Randstad and the county of Brabant.

More information: www.jinc.nl/baasvanmorgen

Last modified: 28.01.2016

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