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Air Freight

Regular shipments

Choose your own time frame.

Air transport is the fastest form of transport. You decide when your goods must arrive at the destination airport and we will advise you on how to save time and money, in double-quick time or slightly slower. We can also organize door-to-door transport.

Economy (standard) DB SCHENKERjetcargo economy
For less urgent shipments with a lead time of five to six days
(airport to airport). An attractively priced alternative.

Business (faster) DB SCHENKERjetcargo first
For urgent cargo with a standard transit time of three to four days
(airport to airport).

First (fastest) DB SCHENKERjetcargo first
For extremely urgent cargo! We guarantee on-time delivery
within one or two days (airport to airport).

Express (door-to-door) DB SCHENKERjetexpress
In addition to regular shipments, we can also deliver your smaller consignments to the customer instead of the airport. This door-to-door solution combines speed with reliability, everywhere in the world. You can choose from:

  • DB SCHENKERjetexpress gold

    The best and fastest transport solution for your parcels, worldwide. Few weight restrictions. Including customs clearance.

  • DB SCHENKERjetexpress silver
    A more standard solution that is attractively priced. This service also includes customs clearance.

Air freight in combination with ocean freight
DB SCHENKERskybridge
Air freight is fast, ocean freight is attractively priced and environmentally friendlier. A combination of the two can form an ideal solution. You tell us where the goods have to be picked up and delivered and we'll find the best route and the perfect combination.

Last modified: 28.03.2016

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