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Industry Expertise

Healthcare and Pharma Logistics

Healthcare is a very challenging industry. Timely availability of a healthcare product is sometimes the difference between life and death. The demands on the logistics handling of pharmaceuticals and medical aids are exceptionally high.

In our healthcare warehouses, goods can be stored in different temperature zones, all equipped with temperature control systems. We are also experienced in preparing cooled goods for transport, packing goods with dry ice, liquid nitrogen, gel packs and cool packs. It goes without saying that we also have the necessary certificates and permits, such as HACCP and GDP.

Our IT systems are designed to meet the demands of the healthcare market. The functionalities include recording and managing series and batch numbers, FEFO order picking (first expiry, first out) and a variety of quarantine functionalities.  

DB SCHENKERhealthcare solutions:

  • Regional Distribution Centers
  • European and global transportion
  • Value Added Services: labeling, repacking and kitting replenishment
  • Quarantine and recall solutions
  • Pest control
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Packing and labeling activities to GMP standards
  • Temperature controlled warehousing and transportation
  • Competence center
  • Network optimization
  • DB SCHENKERsmartbox solution
  • Envirotainer solution

Last modified: 21.07.2016

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