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Corporate relocations

Is your entire company relocating? DB SCHENKERrelocations offers you full service from a single source that takes care of all aspects of corporate relocations.

We move everything - lock, stock and barrel. We think of everything in your office, from furniture to technical equipment, down to the last PC and desk chair. Not to mention those 3,000 files you have archived in the basement, which we transport to the new location along with the shelves.

Or we move all of your company’s machinery - we disassemble the machines, transport them, and reassemble everything on the spot. And of course we use trained professionals for the job.

We relocate your business, step by step:

  • Site inspection, analysis and consulting
  • Detailed estimate
  • Reliable schedule and budget
  • Schedule and workflow minimize disruptions to your regular business
  • Transportation guidance system

Relocation of administration and production according to your wishes:

  • Relocation of IT equipment
  • Own special equipment
  • Experienced professional staff
  • Documentation, coordination and supervision of the move
  • Including employee relocation

Last modified: 08.10.2015

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