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Eco Solutions

CO₂ reduction for every transport mode

Green logistics is a major concern in the entire logistics industry. Aspects range from electromobility and sustainable construction of logistics facilities to better organization of the flow of goods.

As a provider of environmentally friendly transportation and logistics services, including CO₂ free, reduced carbon and carbon-neutral products through investments in climate protection products, DB Schenker considers green logistics part of its business philosophy.

DB Schenker offers its customers environmentally friendly solutions for every mode of transportation – from rail and land transport to air freight and ocean freight as well as warehouse logistics – under the Eco Solutions label. These solutions make it possible to avoid, reduce or compensate for CO₂ emissions along the entire supply chain. Eco Plus, for example, lets customers transport their freight CO₂ free on all German routes. The energy needed for transport is supplied entirely by renewable electricity from Germany. As a result, CO₂ emissions are avoided altogether.

All of this is embodied by the ECO₂PHANT, which is designed to show exactly by how much customers can reduce their carbon emissions with DB Schenker. The ECO₂PHANT is the company’s unit of measurement unit for environmental protection. Each ECO₂PHANT stands for five tons of carbon dioxide reduced – about as much as the average real elephant weighs.

Last modified: 04.01.2016

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