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Frequently asked questions about SEV

Which goods are not covered by the SEV?

Household goods, paintings, works of art, precious stones, pearls, cash, valuables, documents, certificates and living animals and plants.
See section 9.1 of the SEV conditions.

Why is it wise to insure your shipment?

In case of damage, theft and / or loss during transport, the carrier has a limited liability. The full value of goods is not reimbursed. With a transport insurance you have covered that risk!

(A transport agreement often defines that the liability for (certain types of) loss or damage does not, or only partly, lie with the carrier. Furthermore, for certain types of damage, according to the transport conditions, the carrier has a limited liability and therefore limited reimbursement obligation. Cargo insurance does not look at liability. In principle the criterion is whether the loss or damage has occurred during transport).

How to insure?

When you register your shipment via eBooking, you can insure your goods by selecting 'insurance required' and fill in the value of your goods. See also instructions_ebooking

Why should I enter the value of my goods?

Damage to the shipment is never pleasant. But when you are under insured, you may be faced with unpleasant, unanticipated costs. To ensure that you are entitled to the maximum coverage for damage, we advise you to fill in the correct value of your goods. This can be done very easily online when registering your shipment via the eBooking tool. Don’t hesitate because of the costs, we offer very competitive rates. Contact your contact person or our customer service for more information.

Your shipment is damaged, what to do?

To be able to assist you as much as possible in case of damage, we have made the application process as simple as possible. You can digitally submit your claim to us via nl.sm.corp.cargoclaims@dbschenker.com.  

The following information must be specified in the e-mail:
• Shipment number
• Photos (if possible)
• CMR / AWB / B/L
• Commercial invoice
• Delivery receipt
• Place and date of the incident
• What is involved; damage, loss or theft
• Additional information about the events

You will automatically receive a confirmation. We will handle your claim as soon as possible. More information: sev_submit_claim_uk

How fast can we handle the claim?

The speed of handling the claim is related to its complexity. We strive to settle claims as quickly as possible. Most claims are processed within 15 working days after notification.
DB Schenker has access to all relevant information and communicates directly with the insurer. Claims can therefore be handled quickly and effectively.


Last modified: 07.05.2015

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