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Land Transport Advantage

Nowadays, just knowing the routes is not enough. Rather, customers expect a comprehensive service and a broad range of additional features designed to solve their problems.

Only then does experience combine with passion to form the perfect basis for a complex yet transparent service. Be it a package, pallet or container; high-priority delivery or a less urgent, competitively priced freight; direct complete load or consolidated shipment via hub: you can always count on the expertise of a company with over 135 years of experience in the transport business.

DB Schenker has one of the largest and densest land transport networks in Europe – covering general cargo, packages, LTL and FTL. What makes DB Schenker’s European land transport particularly appealing for customers is that we offer some 32,000 scheduled LTL services every week – all with a consistently high level of quality. Thanks to our rigidly scheduled running times, customers can plan their transport requirements quickly and precisely. In this way, we virtually connect all key economic regions in Europe on a daily basis.

Our clearly defined running times allow reliable planning – based on numerous direct transport connections, the central hub in Friedewald and two further regional hubs in Hanover and Nuremberg.

From A to B and far beyond
Besides its traditional land transport forwarding services, DB Schenker offers a range of additional modern logistics services. This means that customers not only decide when and to where the shipment is to be forwarded, but can also specify extra services to be delegated to DB Schenker: from assembling, disassembling or connecting up devices to intermediate storage, order picking or quality control – even returning packaging for reuse.

DB Schenker not only transports shipments from A to B, but is also there to assist its customers with all their needs: from A to Z.

Last modified: 28.03.2016

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