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Land Transport

Fuel surcharge/Variable surcharge

After wages, fuel costs are the biggest cost in the transport industry.

As of 15 March 2006 market leader Shell stopped publishing recommended prices for fuel. Our fuel surcharge is based on these recommended prices. As from above date the recommended price by BP, www.bp.nl, applies for defining the fuel surcharge. We have chosen for BP, because these data are also used by the trade association Transport en Logistiek Nederland, www.tln.nl. Starting point for our tariffs 2017 is the average diesel price over Q4 2003, i.e. €0.794 per liter, VAT included (source: www.shell.nl).

As diesel prices regularly fluctuate and cannot be influenced, Schenker Logistics Nederland B.V. applies a fuel surcharge. We publish an up-to-date summary of the diesel surcharge every month.

Month Price TLN (previous month)
December1,363 per liter (incl. VAT) 
November1,333 per liter (incl. VAT) 

The monthly average will be used as surcharge for consignments in the following month. This average will be calculated on each first working day of the month.

Schenker Logistics Nederland B.V. reserves all rights to define both the height of the percentage as well as the duration of the surcharge. Please check our web page on a regular basis for alterations.

Marpol surcharge
As of March 1, 2015 our Marpol surcharge is changed. Due to the fluctuating fuel prices and the fact that this surcharge is dependent on the current oil prices, we decided to make this charge variable. Also, we will no longer express it in percentages. At the moment the surcharge is lower than the previously set percentages, therefore the surcharge will decrease.
The surcharge will be updated monthly to an amount per 100 kilos. This adjustment is more transparent and you are assured that the surcharge will be charged directly.

Amounts per 100 kg (based 333/1850):

From 1st of DecemberFrom 1st of November From 1st of October
NONorway€ 0,21€ 0,16€ 0,15
SESweden€ 0,31€ 0,26€ 0,25
FIFinland€ 0,65€ 0,65€ 0,65
EEEstonia€ 0,53€ 0,45€ 0,38
LVLatvia€ 0,52€ 0,44€ 0,37
LTLithuania€ 0,51€ 0,43€ 0,37
DKDenmark€ 0,11€ 0,11€ 0,11

CAF surcharge Switzerland
From 9 March 2015 the CAF surcharge correspond to the current exchange rate CHF-EUR. On this date, this also is implemented in our systems. The starting point we use can be found at: exchange rate CHF-EUR

We use the following method, which will be updated on a monthly basis:

Basis per 1 January 2015:   1.2027= 0%
Exchange rate on 1 March:  1.0735= difference 12.0%

Figures show that the share of the costs calculated in Swiss francs is 40% for groupage. For LTL / FTL this is 25%.

Based on the rate of exchange on 1 March 2015:
Shipments < 2,500 kg: 12% x 40% = 4.80%
Shipments > 2,500 kg: 12% x 25% = 3.00%

Calculation on 1 December 2017:
Shipments < 2.500 kg: 3,56% x 40% = 1,42%
Shipments >2.500 kg: 3,56% x 25% = 0,89%

Calculation on 1 November 2017:
Shipments < 2.500 kg: 3,42% x 40% = 1,37%
Shipments >2.500 kg: 3,42% x 25% = 0,86%

MAUT Belgium per 1.7.17 adjusted
As of July 1, 2017, the MAUT in Belgium is adjusted by government decision. The toll road has been extended and the tariffs are indexed. The adjustment for Belgium and the transit countries is 2,06%.

If you have questions, please contact one of our customer service employees or your contact person at Schenker Logistics Nederland B.V. via info.nl@dbschenker.com.

Last modified: 04.12.2017

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