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Do you wonder if there are alternatives to your current transport solutions? Could they be greener or cheaper?

You can have your goods transported in a variety of ways within Europe, by road, rail or water. Road transport is no longer the automatic choice. Not only because of the congestion and high road tolls and fuel costs, but also because of the growing demand for more sustainable transport alternatives.

Multimodal solutions are the way forward. You choose the combination of road, rail and/or water that is the best for you. Schenker Logistics Nederland can provide all these modes flexibly throughout the journey, from your door to your customer's door. We offer full-load multimodal door-to-door solutions to every country in Europe and also to and from Asia. We have the in-depth integrated know-how necessary for multimodal services and the intermodal transport market.

Last modified: 25.03.2016

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