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Goods transport and insurance

Goods transport insurance is tailored to your needs. If your goods are carried by Schenker Logistics Nederland, we can advise you on the right insurance for your goods and, at your request, arrange it for you.

In practice, many goods in transit are inadequately covered, if at all. Shippers often incorrectly assume that their goods are insured in transit. By definition, this is not the case. Laws and regulations such as CMR, Hague-Visby and Montreal, do not consider insurance but the definition of transport rules and liability.

Why is goods transport insurance necessary?
99% of all transport movements throughout the world are completed without problem. The risks, however, might be high. Goods can be damaged or lost in an accident. Loading and unloading manipulations, fire, climatic influences and theft also rank among the risks.

Losses incurred during road, ocean or air transport cannot automatically be recovered from the shipper. The shipper's liability is limited and sometimes excluded. Damage and losses can seriously disrupt your trading operations. Goods transport insurance covers the risk in full, regardless of the liability.

Schenker Logistics Nederland: always the best insurance at a competitive premium!

Last modified: 08.01.2016

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